Bobby Bare, Jr.

Bobby Bare, Jr., June 2014

Nashville’s Bobby Bare, Jr. opened for Guided By Voices at the Belly Up on June 14, and shocked many in the audience with his skills and stage presence.

Bobby Bare, Jr.

Bobby Bare, Jr. and Mitch Mitchell

Those expecting a sub-par opener were very pleasantly surprised, as Bare and his professional band treated each song as if it was their last. When the set ended, there were many murmurs of “They were good, huh?!”

Bare is a funny and smart songwriter, and it showed throughout his set. In addition to charming them with his music, he killed with his jokes, including:

“How many of you are here with someone you love tonight? (Cheers) You’re much more likely to get murdered by that person than anyone else you know. It’s a statistic.”

“All of the proceeds from the sale of my new record will go to “Feed the Children” in Nashville. (Cheers) I can guarantee you that the money will feed my children, and my ex-wife, and my ex-wife’s new friend…who likes to work out.”

Between the GBV über fans in attendance and Bare’s charming charity, a lot of records were purchased that night.

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